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Lesson 18




Lesson 12


Value of Industry Shipments is a poor indicator variable for the cost of materials used. with an R^2 around 0.2.


Consumer foods

The Region of each household is not a good indicator variable for annual food spending, there is no correlation, none.Consumer Foods

Lesson 10

1. Cost of materials is determined most by New Capital Expenditures followed by Number of Employees. Overall a low R^2 value indicates nothing is a strong predictor of the cost of materials.


2. Dividend per share is the greatest indicator of average P/E ratio followed by average yield and earnings per share which each have a negative correlation. in general this is a very weak model with an R^2 of 0.18.2.

3. This model is very strong compared to the previous ones, however, no one independent variable takes a strong lead in predicting the outcome of NIKKIE.


4. This is a very strong model with Houshold income being the major predicting variable for food spending. My model indicated a R^2 of 1 and 0 coefficient for each variable. I don’t think this is possible though my methods were correct.   4.